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When our dearly beloved poodle Sadie, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, we were devastated. We started to do our research to find a reputable breeder and the first few places we investigated left us disappointed. They didn’t want to show us their dogs or they were reluctant to answer our questions. We contacted Gooddog, and we were given the name of a breeder, Classy Pups, who came highly recommended.

When we visited the Classy Pups website, we found two of the most adorable poodles Ember and Blaze. We immediately called Classy Pups and the owner Dorene answered the phone. We knew in a minute after speaking with Dorene that she was honest and forthright and a person who could be trusted. Dorene answered every question we had. We were given constant updates with both pictures and videos. The entire process of getting our poodles was seamless.

Since we live in New York and the poodles were in Indiana we were concerned on how they could be transported to us. Dorene found us the perfect nanny, Peggy. We also decided to enroll both poodles in the Classy Pups Kindergarten Class and this turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made.

Dorene and Peggy coordinated all the details, and the Nanny sent us pictures and updates throughout their trip to NY. Dorene created separate folders for each dog which contained pictures of their mom and dad as well as their health records along with other pertinent information. The dogs arrived in perfect health!

On March 4, we brought Ember and Blaze to our Veterinarian.  Dr. Longo said she never saw such detailed health records, both poodles were given all their shots and Dr. Longo indicated there was nothing else she needed to do until their next visit.

If anyone is looking to get a puppy, we highly recommend you contact Dorene at Classy Pups! We can assure you will not be disappointed! One of the most professional reliable dog breeders we have ever dealt with!!! So, if you are looking to get a puppy and don’t want any hassles then you should contact Classy Pups and you will have no regrets. Highly Professional, Highly Reliable & Trustworthy!!


Joe, Linda & Lauren

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