Best Puppy Ever

We searched the internet for weeks looking for a Maltipoo puppy. We found Classy Pups site and looked at the available pups and read everything about them. Doreen answered my call and I was immediately impressed with what she had to say. A meeting was arranged . My husband and I were impressed with how she and her husband and family ran their business. They are knowledgeable; friendly; and very personable. We could tell they loved what they do and they love and care for their dogs. We brought Kasper home and he was a delight right from the moment he entered our home. He is healthy; bright; energetic. He loves everyone that comes into the house. He loves to play with his toys and anyone that he sees. He learned quickly the layout of our home and what door was used to go out to the bathroom. He knows what “no” means. He likes to be held and will sleep right on your lap. He isn’t crazy about going in the crate at night, but is getting better each night. Anyone that is looking for a puppy – do not hesitate to call Doreen – you will not regret it. Best Puppy Ever !!

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