Compassionate, Considerate and just plain AMAZING!!!

I have had Shih Tzus in the past and I recently lost my last fur baby as well as my grand-fur baby. So, I was very heartbroken and missing the pitter-patter of little paws. I had been following Classy Pups Website for over three years and finally decided that I couldn’t go on without a fur baby in my life. I emailed Dorene a couple of times and finally went down on a Tuesday to see if one of the babies had a connection with me. Well, it wasn’t hard to decide once I saw tiny little Paris, now Bella Rosa. I love that when I came back on that Saturday with my husband to pick her up we had found a BREEDER THAT IS ABOVE ALL BREEDERS! From her care of the animals themselves to answering questions and everything in between Classy Pups is AMAZING! They are truly one of a kind, from their broad spectrum of health checks to the very informative folder that has a plethora of information. It is clear to see that Classy Pups loves what they do.

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