Happy Review for Classy Pups

We are the happy owners of an 11-year-old toy Poodle we rescued years ago. When
we decided to look for a “little sister” for our dog, we began to search for a Poodle
puppy by browsing the Web for a breeder whose reliability we could verify. There’s
so much in the media about “puppy mills” that crank out inferior animals in bad
conditions at an alarming rate. Nobody wants to intentionally support those types
of operations.
One day while picking up our dog from the groomer, we mentioned that we were
looking for another dog. Our groomer told us about a new client with a toy poodle
from Classy Pups in Shipshewana. We met the pup, talked to the owner, checked the
website and knew we had to get in touch with Doreen Yoder.
After trading emails for several months, Doreen said that they just had a litter of red
toy poodles! We were so excited and got set up to bring a pup home as soon as she
was weaned. Doreen’s kids name the puppies, and ours got the name Poppy. We
saw her once when she was tiny. A month later, we got to meet the kids. What a
joy… an Amish farming family that runs an accredited and reliable business that just
happens to turn out perfect pups!
We promised to bring Poppy back for a visit and we’re doing just that some six
months later. Poppy is healthy, happy, athletic, smart, easily trainable and a
thorough joy. That’s thanks to the careful breeding and socialization by Doreen and
her family.
Classy Pups get an 11 out of 10 on my scale of great breeders. This is YOUR breeder!

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