Only breeder I trust!

Classy Pups is the most amazing breezed I have ever interacted with. Not only is my dog perfect and healthy, but the process was easy and wonderful. When I first inquired about getting a puppy from classy pups, Dorene answered my call immediately and offered to FaceTime at that moment to show me the puppies available. If you are looking for a pup, you know this is such a relief. I had 100% confidence that my puppy was adored and well taken care of. At classy pups, they very clearly want the BEST for their puppies. Not to mention, my dog Charlie is the light of my life and there is just something about him! He’s precious and has the most amazing personality. Im sure many people think this, but I get told at least once a day how special he is! Classy Pups is the only breeder I trust.

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