Thank you will never be enough ❤️

I believe things happen for a reason. I just lost my 14 year old shih Tzu. A girl named Charlee, she was my best friend and my whole world and she had only been gone 3 weeks, I missed her so much and so did my boy shih Tzu Casper. We were so depressed. But then I found Classy Pups and saw this little face that I couldn’t get out of my head…Sailor, a Maltipoo, on the website. I reached out to Dorene and asked if I could visit. Long story short, and trust me so many tears recently for a loss that will forever always have a large part of my heart, but I wasn’t sure I could find any part of my heart to love another furbaby, but I did. As soon as I met little Sailor, and I met Dorene, The decision was made. It’s been a whole week since Sailor has agreed to let me be his human. And Casper and I are loving him every day. I have never dealt with a breeder before, I had no idea what to expect, I feel like God knew what I needed before I did and made sure I met Dorene and Sailor. Dorene loves her puppies, and her puppies love her. When You walk into their home, it feels like “happiness.” The puppies have amazing places to play and run around with the other puppies and they are rambunctious and silly and Dorene is right there with them and she is always calm and smiling and pleasant and you just get the feeling like the puppies she is raising will come to your home happy and healthy and she will love to see occasional pictures of the furbaby she is entrusting you to take care of because she loves them too. I took Sailor to the Vet a couple days later and he is perfect. Of course I would love him no matter what, But by perfect I mean he is completely up to date on all his shots, he did great at the vet, he was around several people and animals and he did great. I attribute all of that to his first Human, Dorene. ❤️ Thank you Classy Pups and most importantly Thank you Dorene, thank you so much for my Sailor. He is so ornery, he is very happy, he terrorizes Casper relentlessly, he has learned to bark at basically nothing out the window thanks to Casper but they believe they are my protectors now so I don’t mind. He has tried chewing on just about everything despite numerous trips to Pet Smart for chew toys but he is learning the word no haha. He is so very smart, he is comfortable around people, he is healthy and he is just the sweetest boy. Thank you so much Dorene for loving the puppies first. You have done the most amazing job. Please continue to do what you do. People who get to have a puppy from Classy Pups will be so very lucky they do.

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